How can I help?

Spread the word yo! Can you help us reach 500 attendees in Atlanta?

There are group rates available near the venue (see accommodations).



Do you know any local breweries, coffee shops or energy drinks that can help keep hack teams stay hydrated, stimulated, or intoxicated?

We are looking for folks to reach out to breweries and energy drink companies to request beverage sponsors. Because more FREE beer is always best. If you know someone, or can write some emails to breweries, we would love some help!



We have some DJs who have raised their hands, but we are looking for more! Do you know any talented Atlanta-based DJs that could entertain us Friday or Saturday night? Let us know!


Drone Race

We are looking for someone to make the drone race UX memorable. We love the idea, but don’t know much about drone racing. If you have any interest in participating or setting up, let us know!


Provide, the signature sponsor of EthAtlanta and CryptoATL has developed a modern, enterprise-grade blockchain PaaS and suite of tools to make life easier for developers and DLT more accessible to the enterprise. The platform is available for hack teams to leverage during EthAtlanta and it may give them a competitive advantage! Volunteer to coach teams who are leveraging the Provide platform during the hackathon.